4 Excellent Benefits of Glass Block Windows

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Installing glass block windows is a surefire way to upgrade the aesthetics of your home or building. Although they were first introduced in the latter part of the 1800s, many offices, houses, and other structures are still using them today. They offer various benefits to improving your property’s overall performance. Let Western Michigan Glass Block discuss four of them in detail:

 Glass Block Windows

1. Higher Energy Cost Savings

Glass block windows offer energy efficiency advantages, comparable with what thermal pane windows provide. They are usually sealed with mortar in the wall, eliminating the risk of air leakages. This enhances heat control, as well as minimizes noise and dust entry, which can help significantly cut your utility bills.

2. Improved Security and Privacy

Glass block windows come in different kinds to suit your preference. With its unique design, the wavy glass block offers maximum light entry while maintaining your privacy, making it the most popular option. Our ice glass block type also features a distinct pattern that allows adequate light penetration while distorting vision, giving you better coverage. Generally, this type of window has thicker surfaces than regular glass panes, ensuring you and your family’ peace of mind and security within the walls of your home.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Glass block windows feature distinct patterns and designs, which are foolproof ways to boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal. If you want to breathe new life into a seemingly dull room, installing them is the way to go. Our diamond glass block variety, in fact, exudes an elegant, dramatic look, making it a perfect choice for wet bars, partition walls, and even shower doors. Our clarity option, on the other hand, ensures even and optimum light distribution, making a room appear bigger than it actually is. We also offer customizable alternatives which are sure to complement the overall architectural design of your home.

4. Reduced Maintenance

Most importantly, you won’t need to worry about changing maintenance requirements every season. Glass block windows are specifically designed to be stationary, mostly using solid materials. They are directly installed in your walls, often sealed with mortar. This means you won’t have to apply special coatings or any other window treatments seasonally just to make sure they keep your interior comfortable.

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