8 Benefits of Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows

Looking to do some remodeling or make improvements in your Western Michigan home? The versatility and many different benefits of glass block windows might surprise you! At WMGB Home Improvement, we install glass block windows in homes and businesses throughout Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Grand Haven, and more—here are 8 ways that you can benefit from glass block window installation in your home.

1. Versatile—Can Be Used Throughout Your Home

There are many different types of glass block window styles that can be utilized in a number of ways in your home. They can be used in garages, basements, bathrooms (as shower walls or as windows), or anywhere that you would normally install regular windows. Some homeowners even use them as interior walls or room dividers for a unique look in their home. 

2. Durable Materials Offer Higher Security

Glass block windows are much thicker than regular window panes, and one of the advantages of that is that they are difficult to damage or break. Glass block windows offer added security and lower the risk of break-ins.

3. Semi-Transparency Offers Privacy

Glass block windows let light in, but they aren’t fully transparent like regular windows. This can be used to your advantage in rooms or spaces where you’d like some extra privacy—the bathroom is a great example.

4. Waterproof

Glass block windows are more waterproof than regular glass windows, which is why they’re so often used for basement windows, especially those with window wells. Glass block windows aren’t going to keep major water issues out of your home, but they will offer more protection than other options.

5. Saves Money on Home Energy Costs

Because they are thicker and sealed with mortar around the edges, glass block windows insulate and prevent air leaks far better than traditional glass pane windows. They can help you lower heating and cooling costs, improve indoor comfort, and reduce outdoor air pollutant infiltration in your home.

6. Increases Curb Appeal

Sometimes you hear that glass blocks are out of style, but we never hear that from our satisfied customers! Glass block windows were big in the 80s, but that doesn’t mean that any glass block window installation in your home will immediately look dated.

It all depends on the type of glass block you use and how you use it. Our team at WMGB has years and years of experience helping outfit and upgrade homes and can help you find the perfect look. In fact, most homeowners tell us that their glass block window installation gives their home a unique aesthetic charm that other homes in their neighborhood lack!

7. Requires Less Maintenance

Glass block windows are designed to be stationary and installed directly in your wall with mortar. That means you won’t have to worry about seasonal window treatments or repairs like you would with regular windows. You just get to kick back and enjoy your new windows!

8. Lets in More Light Than a Normal Basement Window

Glass block windows offer more privacy because they are semi-transparent, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice light! In fact, this style of window is very popular to replace regular basement windows because of how much natural light they let in. Unlike regular windows, there’s no sill, which means more glass area where light can get in, and there’s no need for curtains, allowing you to make your basement space brighter and more enjoyable. 

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On top of the seven benefits we’ve already listed, glass block windows end up being more affordable than many other window options, especially taking into consideration the long-term energy savings you’ll see with them. At WMGB Home Improvement, we can help you find the right upgrade for your Michigan home, from new windows and doors to energy efficiency home improvements like insulation and crawl space encapsulation.

Save money and give your home a visual makeover. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us today to learn about glass block window installation.

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