How Do I Know If I Need New Windows?

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Windows are such an essential part of a home that sometimes they can be taken for granted. It’s important not to forget about them though, because when windows stop functioning properly, you might as well have holes in your walls. 

There are many benefits of new window upgrades for your Grand Rapids, MI home, including added energy efficiency (leading to lower energy bills), better soundproofing, increased curb appeal if you decide to sell, and improved indoor air quality for your home. You might be wondering, why new windows? Many homeowners don’t know the signs of poorly performing windows, so the experts at WMGB Home Improvement have compiled a list of some of the top reasons to upgrade your windows. 

1. Condensation

Condensation is easily noticeable for homeowners, and it often leads them to wonder if there’s an issue with their windows. Condensation on the outside of your window panes is normal under certain weather conditions. However, condensation between 2 panes of a double or triple-sealed window indicates that the glass window seal has failed. To get started with window replacement, contact the pros at WMGB!

2. High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills been climbing in recent years? Can you feel drafts coming into your home when you pass certain windows? If you can, it’s definitely time to replace old windows in your Holland, MI home! High energy bills are one of the most common symptoms of inefficient windows that could do with an upgrade. 

3. Damaged or Decaying Windows

Some old windows can serve you well, especially when they have been well-cared for over the years! But depending on the age of your home, there are some important things to look out for when it comes to making sure you don’t need window replacement. 

An old window should not have any obvious signs of damage or decay. This includes broken glass, misalignment in the tracks (making it difficult to open and close), or cracks in the window panes, casing, or sash. With any of these problems, it’s smart to upgrade your windows and earn some added efficiency at the same time. 

4. Poor Sound Barrier

If you can hear cars drive by your home as if they were passing within a few feet of you, it’s likely a good time to install new windows. New efficient windows help insulate you against outdoor noises, while also boosting your home’s efficiency and air seal, which helps keep your healthy, conditioned air in, and polluted outdoor air out. Unsure where to begin your new window journey? WMGB’s Windows FAQ is a terrific resource to help you get started.

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