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hotrod car on grass in summerHot rods in the street are hard to miss. You can see their speed on the track, their engines roaring on the road. It’s easy to see they’re built for performance.

But what about the most important machine in your life? What about your home’s performance?

Improve your home energy efficiency

While a mechanic can easily give your car the ‘once-over’, an electrician won’t know which windows conserve energy best; a plumber won’t know how to prevent your home from leaking air and heat. In turn, a homeowner rarely knows how the different aspects of their home interact for power and comfort. Pearl Advantage contractors like WMGB Home Improvement are the solution. They’re your local experts in home performance. That means they use scientific principles to comprehensively improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. They can also certify your home as a Pearl-Certified Home. For you, it means a more comfortable, safer, healthier living environment. It means lower electric and gas bills, and higher home values. But while energy and efficiency improvements improve a home, they’re hard to see. We can’t count on a rumbling engine or the smell of burning rubber to tell us how well a house works. But a Pearl-Certified home comes with a Pearl Score that lets prospective realtors and buyers know just how well your home performs. The Pearl Score is a simple metric based on a thousand point scale. Building features like attic insulation, energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling units, and energy monitoring systems all factor into the score.

WMGB Home Improvement can certify your house at three levels

  • Pearl Silver (700 points) – The sensible minivan that balances power and efficiency.
  • Pearl Gold (825 points) – The zippy coupe with all the bells and whistles.
  • Pearl Platinum (975 points) – The car we all want to drive: the top-of-the-line, the Teslas, the Corvettes, the Chargers of the world.

Each time you do something that improves your home’s performance — say, install block glass windows, put in high-performing insulation, buy a power-sipping appliance – your score goes up. A Pearl Certification not only reveals your home’s ‘horsepower;’ It shows you how to improve it too.

Call (616) 243-3700 or register at for a quote to get your home Pearl-Certified, and soup up your home with the best custom improvements available.

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