Ways to Take Advantage of Your Corner Windows

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Corner windows are one of the best features of a home because they provide great views. They are also the perfect area to display a statement piece. Today, WMGB Home Improvement, one of the top choices for vinyl replacement windows, will discuss a few ways to take advantage of your corner windows:

Ways to Take Advantage of Your Corner Windows

  • Add Seating

The corner window is the perfect spot to add comfortable seating because of the great views you can enjoy while relaxing on the couch. Consider using an L-shaped couch in this area because this shape will neatly fit into the corner. You can also try using a pair of armchairs instead since the corner window area is a perfect conversation spot. Even a single chair or sofa will work well because this space is a perfect spot for unwinding or napping.

  • Install a Desk

As a replacement windows expert, we also recommend adding a desk to this area. There’s nothing quite like having a home office space with a view. You can also use L-shaped desks. In addition to the view, a corner window is typically large and long. This means that it can fit large tables and desks, providing you with plenty of space to work and store your office equipment.

  • Display a Statement Piece 

Corner windows grab attention, so it’s a great place to display your statement pieces. For example, you can add a pendant light to the area and show off your favorite pieces of furniture. You can also use this place for your plants. Plants provide an excellent connection to the outdoors, and they are small enough not to overpower the view from the corner windows.

Unpacking the different corner window sizes

Now that you know how to get the most out of your corner windows, it’s time to learn about their range of sizes. This way, you can better understand which corner window dimension is more suitable to fit specific areas of your home.

  • Small corner windows

A 60 x 60 cm to 100 x 100 cm corner window is ideal for providing ample lighting and extra ventilation to smaller spaces. It will fit right into your kitchen, bathroom or hallways and make your place feel less cluttered or small. 

  • Medium corner windows

Corner windows in this size range can go from 100 x 100 cm to 150 x 150 cm. Most replacement window experts, like WMGB, recommend this sizing for bedrooms and living rooms. What’s great about medium corner windows is that they provide a great view you can enjoy while sipping your coffee during slow mornings.

  • Large corner windows

Any corner window beyond 150 x 150 cm falls into this category. Large corner windows are often used in large buildings since they offer panoramic views, but you can still install one in your house. One excellent benefit of having a large corner window is less energy costs since it lets in natural lighting from the sun.

Whether you have a small, medium or large property, there’s a perfect corner window size that can level up the aesthetic appeal of your humble abode and maximize your living spaces. At WMGB, we have an excellent team who can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right-sized corner windows for your living area.

The different types of corner windows

It’s equally important to know what type of corner window you want for your home. With mullions or without, both serve their own perks and disadvantages.

Corner windows with a mullion

A mullion is a vertical bar that will section your corner window into smaller glass units. Your corner window can have more than one mullion since these strips join glass planes at an angle from 90 to 210 degrees.

The mullions of corner windows can be made of steel or wood, but as a leading window replacement contractor in Michigan, we have experts who can tailor it to your preference. 

People have different tastes regarding their preferred style of corner windows. Some aren’t big fans of corner windows with a mullion since this type can obstruct your view, while others love it for its added structural support. If you need help deciding which team you’re on, the following pro and con list can help you:


  • Available in different variants — Corner windows with mullions can transform your corner windows into sliding or opening windows.
  • Increases your property’s overall appeal — This style of window adds beauty and sophistication to the exteriors of your home.
  • Better at retaining heat — Combined with corner profile insulation, corner windows with mullions can make your house feel warmer during the cold season.


  • Reduces light and obstructs view — Corner windows with mullions can limit incoming natural light and hinder you from getting a full outside view. 
  • Requires more maintenance — Because of the division, you may take more time and exert extra effort to clean your corner window with mullions.
  • More expensive — Corner windows with mullions can be pricier because of the added manufacturing and installation costs.

Turn to the most trusted corner window replacement experts in Michigan

Since 1984, we have provided the best window replacement service to clients residing in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland, Lansing and surrounding areas. Over the years, we have expertly replaced old, creaky windows that won’t shut close and poorly insulated ones.

So, whether your awning, casement, double-hung or corner windows need replacement, we’re the right contractors for a job well done. Our excellent team can present you with desirable window replacement solutions tailored to your specific project requirements. Reach out to us today for a free quote!

You don’t need to worry if you’re current corner windows are drafty or old. We can replace them with our high-quality products. As the leading window replacement expert in our area, we can provide you with durable, energy-efficient and beautiful vinyl windows that will match your home’s design. WMGB Home Improvement serves many areas in Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Muskegon. Call us at (616) 24303700 to learn more about our services and products.

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