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Why Basement Window Wells Are Necessary and Important

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Window wells are an essential part of the basement finishing process. It’s a necessary sub-project that will allow you to turn your basement into a beautiful and functional living area. WMGB Home Improvement is the leading basement egress window well expert in our local area. Today, we will explain why window wells are important and how they work:

Why Basement Window Wells Are Necessary and Important

The Importance of Basement Window Wells

Since 2006, basement bedrooms in West Michigan have been required to have an egress window installed. The egress window ensures the safety of those inside by providing an accessible exit or entry in the case of emergency. However, many basements are fully underground. That’s why there needs to be a basement window well together with the window. This window well supports the earth in the dig-out and prevents dirt from collapsing onto the window. It also allows the window to provide views and ventilation.

What You Need to Know About Basement Window Wells

Here are a few things you need to know about window wells. First, you need to have window wells where the bottom of a basement window is at or near ground level. The outer edges of the window well need to surround the egress windows and be tight against the basement wall. The window well also needs specific dimensions to be up to code. Basically, the egress window and window well should be big enough for a fireman with a backpack can get to and through the window.

Tips on Maintaining Your Basement Window Wells

Snow, debris and leaves can pile up in your window well. If left unattended, they can prevent water from draining away from the window. Soil can also enter the well and cause problems. Make sure to regularly clean the window well. Fortunately, we can also install egress well covers. These covers protect the window well, and they are typically strong enough to walk over, just in case someone fails to spot the well.

In addition to basement egress window wells, we can help you with your replacement window installation, home energy audit and insulation. WMGB Home Improvement has decades of experience, and we have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the quality of our work. We make sure to perform all of our work ourselves – rather than relying on subcontractors – because this leads to better results. We serve many areas in Michigan, including Grand Rapids and Lansing. Call us at (616) 328-6625 to learn more about basement window wells. You can also ask for a free quote.

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