Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Old Doors

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When you need to replace your old entry doors, same day replacement only makes sense when it’s urgent. If you can wait, we recommend having your replacement project  done during the fall season. Here are a few reasons that works best.

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Old Doors


Weather is different every season. The cold temperature and possible snow storms make winter a difficult season for renovation projects. It’s also not ideal for doors since you have to let cool air inside while the door frame is open. Summer is the same, although the issue this time is the heat. The hot temperatures can heat up your interior and waste energy trying to cool it down.

For this reason, spring and fall are the best times to schedule an installation. Spring is widely regarded as the best season since the weather is calm. Fall is just as good, though, because you enjoy cooler and cloudier days. Although rain is a risk, both seasons are still safer for workers.

Client Pool

During the winter season, there will be fewer projects in your chosen contractor’s schedule. This is an off-peak season for them, which means it’s easier to get a slot for your project. However, fixing a patio door in the snow is tough. Summer is a better time, but the heat may make the installation process uncomfortable. Lastly, spring time is the busiest time for contractors. You’ll find it hard to get an available contractor, even a year beforehand.

That’s why fall is the best time. You’ll find more companies with plenty of time while the weather is still calmer than in the winter.

Affordable Prices

Summer heat can make any project more expensive. Winter is often unsafe and damaging to homes, so projects done at this time can lead to unnecessary repairs. Lastly, spring time is the busiest time for contractors. This means you will pay a lot for just one project. Out of all the seasons, fall is the most affordable and is still generally safe. Your contractor can spend more time helping you, and you can save more money doing so.

Here at WMGB Home Improvement, we’re more than happy to help you during this season. We offer entry, patio and storm doors.

To learn more about our entry door options, including storm doors, call us today at (616) 328-6625. We serve many areas in and near Grand Rapids, MI.


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