Window Condensation: Should You Be Worried About It?

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It’s not uncommon for condensation to form on windows, especially glass block windows, but should you be worried about it? The short answer is yes.

Why Does Condensation Form on Windows?

Condensation forms on your window’s interior glass when the warm air circulating around your home meets the cold surface of your windows.

Why You Should Be Concerned

The buildup of moisture is always problematic – it can, among other things, cause the paint to peel, the wood to rot and fungi to grow. If you see condensation frequently forming on your windows, call a heating and cooling contractor as soon as possible. It might be a sign that there’s too much moisture inside your home.

How to Prevent Condensation From Forming

The contractor might suggest some of the following short- and long-term solutions:

  1. Open a window – In summer and spring, you can open your windows to improve indoor airflow and reduce the amount of moisture in your home.

  2. Improve indoor ventilation – A more long-term solution would be to add exhaust fans in areas with a lot of moisture.

  3. Install energy-efficient windows – The higher a window’s R-value, the higher its insulative capabilities is and the better it can prevent condensation from forming. Glass block windows would be a great choice – they’re as efficient as thermal-pane windows and twice as efficient as single-pane windows. Normally, it’d be too late to replace your windows this late in the year, but it is still possible, provided you’re working with an experienced window expert.

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