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Home Security: Entry Door Security Features

Your home needs entry doors that are beautiful, durable, and – most importantly – secure. In addition to the front door, your patio doors and back doors need to be secure as well. In this blog, WMGB Home Improvement shares an overview of the security features your entry doors should have.

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The Various ProVia® Door Choices We Offer

At West Michigan Glass Block, we are known for, among other valuable home improvements, providing high quality entry doors, patio doors, and storm doors, and our excellent customer service, for nearly 35 years.  We are proud to announce that we have partnered with ProVia® as our door and window provider because they craft some of the most outstanding and beautiful doors and windows in the industry. Their doors are built to the highest standards, that makes them one of the most durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful doors in the residential market. Learn more about them here:

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Storm Doors: Why They’re a Great Investment

Entry doors are widely considered a decorative set piece and a feature of your home’s facade. As such, most homeowners only consider aesthetic upgrades to it, such as attractive locksets and extra ornamentation. What’s important to remember is while entry doors are for show, they are a functional part of your home, too.

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Are Storm Doors Worth It?

Some contractors will offer unnecessary products and services to homeowners. While that questionable practice reflects more on the contractor rather than the products and services themselves, it’s worth examining whether we really need certain home improvement add-ons, such as storm doors. Which brings us to ask: are storm doors a worthwhile investment?

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A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Patio Door

The patio door is one of the most important parts of your home, serving as both a divider and a connector to the outside (your patio) and the rest of the home. There are plenty of patio door options available, and some of them have different pros and cons compared to others. This means finding the best option will involve doing a bit of research. Here’s a quick rundown of the factors that you have to consider to get started on your search.

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