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3 Tips on Maintaining Your Insulated Windows

Window maintenance is crucial to keeping your home intact and energy-efficient. Needless to say, it should be done properly and regularly. Here’s how you can keep your double- or triple-pane insulated windows clean and in good condition.


Guide to Selecting the Best Hardware for Your Windows

Curtain rods and holdbacks are what usually come to mind when talking about window hardware. However, if you’re shopping for new windows, you’ll notice that hardware mostly refers to the mechanical parts of a window, such as bolts, cranks, latches, sash and so on.

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A Guide to Removing Hard Water Stains From Your Window

When water affects your windows, you might think that a simple wipe of a towel can easily clean them. However, this isn’t actually the case as there are some areas where water is high in mineral content like magnesium and calcium. This is what is often known as hard water, and it can be difficult to remove if left alone for a long time since the sun baked has baked the mineral content into the glass. However, just because these stains are difficult to remove, it doesn’t mean they can’t be.

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