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Why do I need an egress window?

Egress windows, or escape windows, provide exactly that: a safe place to exit your basement in case of an emergency. By installing an egress window, you’re not only complying with …

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Is It Worth It to Trust a Pearl™ Advantage Contractor?

As home remodeling goals put more and more focus on efficiency, homeowners now have plenty of resources to find solutions to increase their own energy ratings. Whether you’re looking for home insulation materials or energy-efficient windows, you’ll find no shortage of options in the home improvement industry. In fact, the challenge today has become finding a suitable contractor that meets your own requirements.

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Guide to replacement windows from WMGB Home Improvement

Are Window Grilles Right for Your Home?

From glass block windows to stained glass, there are so many ways to style and design windows to fit whatever architectural style your home has. One of the most popular choices for window accessories are grilles. Grilles serve a dual-purpose: to improve your curb appeal and to provide an additional layer of security for your home.

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The Advantages of Off-Season Door and Window Replacements

Most homeowners reserve their home improvement projects for all seasons except for winter. However, there are times when replacing doors or windows, or even upgrading your blown-in insulation, might be needed in a pinch. The biggest argument against scheduling these types of projects during the colder months is that some materials are more suitable for installation in warmer weather, but this is a common misconception. Most newer materials can be handled under any weather conditions.

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Are Your Doors Freezing Up During Winter?

The winter season poses a whole different set of home care challenges for many people. One common problem during this time is door freezing, particularly for entry and patio door assemblies. In a well-designed and installed door, freezing is prevented by adequate weatherstripping and other preventive measures. However, the problem can also be caused by a number of different factors, both on the door itself and the condition of your interiors.

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Natural Light and Its Vital Role in Your Overall Well-Being

Your home’s windows are not just installed to maintain comfort and reduce your heating and cooling costs. These fixtures can also give your living space the natural lighting it deserves. It is called daylighting, and this architectural concept not only makes your room spacious and bright. In a way, getting enough sunlight while indoors plays a vital role in your overall well-being.

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Why Work With a Pearl™-Certified Contractor Like Us?

From the time we opened shop in 1984, WMGB Home Improvement has been providing top-notch home remodeling for customers in the local area. What initially started as a company that offers glass block basement windows, we have since became a full-fledged contractor, installing egress windows, vinyl replacement windows and home insulation.

Thanks to our decades-long success in showing our commitment to the local community, we earned membership in the prestigious Pearl™ Contractor Advantage Network. In today’s blog post, we discuss this distinction and why it pays to work with us in improving your home.

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