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What to Look for in a Storm Door

The Midwest climate can be especially harsh on your exterior, which is why installing storm doors would be a good idea. Storm doors are installed on your front door and help protect it from harsh weather as well as provide steady ventilation indoors. 

So, what are the things you should look for in a storm door? 

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The Advantages of Off-Season Door and Window Replacements

Most homeowners reserve their home improvement projects for all seasons except for winter. However, there are times when replacing doors or windows, or even upgrading your blown-in insulation, might be needed in a pinch. The biggest argument against scheduling these types of projects during the colder months is that some materials are more suitable for installation in warmer weather, but this is a common misconception. Most newer materials can be handled under any weather conditions.

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4 Common Patio Door Security Mistakes

More than a few homeowners hesitate to have patio doors installed on their homes because they look easy to break into by intruders. But the truth is, patio doors can be as secure as front entry doors – if you avoid these common security mistakes.

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Are Storm Doors Worth It?

Some contractors will offer unnecessary products and services to homeowners. While that questionable practice reflects more on the contractor rather than the products and services themselves, it’s worth examining whether we really need certain home improvement add-ons, such as storm doors. Which brings us to ask: are storm doors a worthwhile investment?

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