important considerations when choosing egress windows

Important Considerations When Choosing Egress Windows

Basements that contain habitable space need an egress window according to the standards of the International Code Council. If you have a basement bedroom, game room, or home theater room, then you need to have emergency escape and rescue openings. To find the right egress window for your home, there are a few things you need to consider:

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3 important reasons to leave window replacement to the pros

3 Important Reasons to Leave Window Replacement to the Pros

Nothing lasts forever, so it’s only a matter of time until you need to replace your windows. Fortunately, we can install high-quality vinyl replacement windows for your home. WMGB Home Improvement is a top home improvement company with decades of experience, and we can provide you with a smooth and stress-free window replacement experience. However, there are some homeowners who think that window replacement is a DIY project. We advise against this over the following points:

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3 creative glass block design ideas for home design

3 Creative Glass Block Design Ideas for Home Design

WMGB Home Improvement is the leading choice for glass block windows and replacement windows because of our decades of experience, excellent products, and professional credentials and qualifications. Glass block windows are an excellent addition to your home because of their many uses when it comes to lighting and privacy. Did you know, however, that they can be used to define and enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces? Learn about glass block design ideas here:

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things to consider when installing egress windows

Things to Consider When Installing Egress Windows

Safety is one of the primary concerns when converting a basement into a living area. In fact, local regulations won’t allow remodeling in this space without an egress window. While it brings more light in, it also provides an alternative escape route in case of emergency. It also serves as an access point for rescue specialists. WMGB Home Improvement discusses the things you need to know when installing this type of window.

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tips in selecting energy efficient windows

Tips in Selecting Energy-Efficient Windows

The way windows were manufactured and designed has greatly improved over the years. Although they have long differed in the size of openings, pattern of sash and shape, they were mainly crafted from wood until the 20th century, when steel and aluminum became accessible. Within the same period, insulated glass units and glass block became available.

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what makes glass block windows an excellent choice

What Makes Glass Block Windows an Excellent Choice

Each window in your home has a unique quality that differentiates it from the others. Your windows, as one of the most prominent features of your home, can enhance your interior and exterior design. One window design that can help boost curb appeal is the glass block window. Read on as WMGB Home Improvement Home Improvement discusses what make glass block windows an excellent option for the different rooms in your living space.

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qualities that make vinyl an excellent material for windows

Qualities That Make Vinyl an Excellent Material for Windows

With the plethora of window materials available, it may seem hard to determine the right one for your needs. The good news is that your choice doesn’t have to be complicated because once you compare all their features, you’ll see that vinyl reigns supreme. In fact, it outperforms wood and aluminum in several aspects. Let WMGB Home Improvement show you the reasons that make it a cost-effective material for replacement windows:

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3 big ways small windows can make your home stand out

3 Big Ways Small Windows Can Make Your Home Stand Out

While large replacement windows are known to offer optimum daylighting and views, smaller ones offer numerous benefits, too. Their distinctive appearance provides relief and focus on both traditional and modern homes. WMGB Home Improvement, the leading window replacement expert in the area, shares ways they can make your home stand out:

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features and benefits of our egress window options

Features and Benefits of Our Egress Window Options

Egress windows are basically emergency exits, regarded by many homeowners in the most utilitarian sense. There’s no reason you can’t add some style and improve its functionality, though, especially since it will be in your line of sight whenever you’re in your basement.

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