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How to Fix Rattling Windows

How do you stop your windows from making those rattling sounds? Rattling sounds are a sign some parts of your windows have become loose, not to mention these sounds are a sign window performance has been compromised. To prevent these loose parts from shaking, you need to have them repaired or replaced. 

What are the window parts that usually become loose over a window’s lifespan? Here’s an overview of the usual culprits: 

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A Primer on Mulled Windows

Simply put, window mulling is the process of joining two windows together. Mulled replacement windows are connected to each other by their frames. 

What are the benefits of having two separate windows combined? 

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A Guide to Removing Hard Water Stains From Your Window

When water affects your windows, you might think that a simple wipe of a towel can easily clean them. However, this isn’t actually the case as there are some areas where water is high in mineral content like magnesium and calcium. This is what is often known as hard water, and it can be difficult to remove if left alone for a long time since the sun baked has baked the mineral content into the glass. However, just because these stains are difficult to remove, it doesn’t mean they can’t be.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Fix Condensation Caused by Window Rot

No matter what style your windows are, condensation caused window rot is one of the problems you must address immediately. After all, if your window starts rotting, it can cause numerous problems for you, such as energy efficiency problems or water leaks. Thankfully, even if your windows have some rot, you can still fix them.

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Questions to Ask During A Window Replacement Consultation

Whether you’re having your glass block or awning windows replaced, it’s vital that you ask your consultant a few questions. That way, you can get to know your potential window supplier and narrow down your options. Some questions range from the easy ones such as “Is the company local?” or technical ones like “How is Low-E glass beneficial?” While these questions are important and are pretty standard fare, there are other questions that you should always ask.

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What’s Behind Well-Designed Replacement Windows?

A window replacement could be the best home improvement project yo ever tackle, and rightfully so. Today’s replacement windows have made it possible for homeowners to achieve comfort while minimizing heating and cooling costs. In fact, today’s window products are built to last a long time, thanks to innovations in manufacturing.


Things to Consider When Choosing Replacement Windows

A window replacement can be rewarding, but only if you get the right windows. Some homeowners, however, pay more attention to the price tag than the quality of the windows. This is a common mistake you should avoid. To help you make the right decisions, WMGB Home Improvement, a glass block window contractor, discusses the things to consider when choosing your windows.

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